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Meet Cody Henderson

We recently held our annual BGC breakfast and it was a huge success. One of our youth gave a speech on how the BGC has helped him and shaped him. Although he did not come to us through JCPC he is definitely a youth that would have met the qualifications. As the director, it was very empowering to hear the young man speak and to know that because of the BGC he is not in a detention center and that he is making it a priority in his life to make better decisions. Here is his speech:

Good morning everyone. My name is Cody Henderson. I want to start off by saying, thank you so much for having me here this morning. I am not a perfect person. I have been through numerous situations. I have been detained inside of a detention center for many wrong behaviors; I have been characterized with many labels such as criminal, disrespectful, and deceitful. To top it all off my home life was stressful. My mom started to get sick and it created new challenges for me. People have told me I will never be anything in life. They’ve also said I don’t belong on this earth. I felt like it was all true at one point. I was lost, confused, and misunderstood. Every day was a constant battle of trying to be the person I wanted to be or being the person that people assumed I was. That all changed when I felt I became a part of the Boys & Girls Club family. Read the rest of Cody's inspiring speech.


It’s safe to say that STEM is becoming a fast favorite at the Granville Boys & Girls Club! Our club members are specifically enjoying science projects this month. They have focused on gravity, water, and engineering. Pictured below you can see our club member Alice with her engineering project. Creating structures out of marshmallows develops kids’ engineering skills and enhances their critical thinking. It’s the perfect way for them to keep their EDGE during the school year. 

More STEM Photos

African American Quiz Bowl Champions

Our club is full of young scholars! Our #BGCGranville team "The Oxford Time Machine" entered the Vance County African American Quiz Bowl for the first time, this year, and came in 2nd place!

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